i-SiNUS International Sinus Institute

Welcome to i-SiNUS

i-SiNUS International Sinus Institute aims at the development and improvement of the treatment of patients with diseases of the nose, paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base.

For this, endonasal endoscopic surgery has a distinguished significance. It is the current standard in the surgical treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis, acute rhinosinusitis and theier complications, most of benign and selected cases of malignant tumors as well as for closure of CSF-leaks.

i-SiNUS subjects new methods to critical examination and further develops instruments and devices. Surgical courses, lectures and scientific publications shall demonstrate the recent state-of-the art.

“Ärztegemeinschaft für Rhinologie” is a network of otorhinolaryngologists who work at standards for rhinologic diagnostic and therapy according to newest scientific developments.

Surgical courses: